Privacy Policy

Simulmedia uses anonymous TV viewing and marketing data to help improve the relevance of TV advertising. We develop broad inferences of the types of advertisements that viewers might prefer, as well as when and where they might prefer to view those ads. We license anonymous consumer data from a number of different sources – including anonymous set-top box viewing data from television system operators, like cable and satellite providers, and Smart TV sets — to better predict the types of ads TV viewers might prefer based upon the program, network, day, time of day or geography in which the ads are shown.

When integration services are utilized for 3rd party event tracking, Simulmedia will gain permissioned access to account information from third-parties (e.g. Google Analytics) via token-based authentication and authorization. Credentials are encrypted, stored and managed by a dedicated service in our platform and account information is accessed on behalf of a user in accordance with the relevant third-party provider's policies and guidelines. Account information from third-parties is utilized in the campaign reporting components of to generate reports with additional context related to a D2Cx campaign. Any account information obtained from a third-party is only accessible to the user who granted access and to Simulmedia for the purposes stated above.

Simulmedia places a high value on the protection of viewers’ personal privacy and thus does not collect, store or use any personal information. For more information, you can email us at