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Combine the unrivaled reach of TV with’s unparalleled technology to grow your business.

How it works

Test TV advertising with no minimum spend requirement, learn what's working and scale.

  1. Select Your KPIs

    Select your campaign objective, metrics you want to track, and set up your TV campaign just like you would on search and social

  2. Explore the Marketplace

    Receive a bid pool of networks and programs that’s ranked by both the likelihood of achieving your campaign objectives and your bid price being accepted

  3. Go Live

    Confirm your campaign details, upload your creative and go live on air. Our predictive technology will always work to find you the most cost-efficient and performant placements

  4. Get Fast Measurement

    View the results of your spot with our near real-time dashboards, down to the network, program, and daypart level

  5. Optimize and Scale

    You’re in control. Optimize based off of what’s working and scale your business gives TV media buying the same visibility and directly-attributable ROI analysis as any other channel.

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Why is in Beta - don’t miss out on this limited opportunity to work directly with our team to transform TV advertising. Your growth, your way.

No barriers to entry

Get on TV without breaking the bank. Launch a campaign with no minimum budget, and 100% of the cost will be allocated toward the purchase of media.

Guaranteed to air

We find affordable rates, like Direct Response TV, except that inventory is non-preemptive and guaranteed to air.

No ceiling

Unlike other providers, we have the inventory and optimization tools to ensure that TV continues to be a growth engine for your brand.

Insights to fuel growth

Test and learn which days, dayparts, networks, programs and creatives make the most impact so you can scale quickly and spend profitably.

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